Regulations of the Affiliate Program of Ciao Caffè srls

Registration, Coupon, Link and Banner

Signing up is very simple: Access the Ciao Caffè srls Portal, click in the AFFILIATION PROGRAM section and join.

Inside the section, you will find all the tools to promote new contacts.
Affiliate Link, QR Code or 5% Coupon.
The System will automatically recognize the Affiliate-Contact link.
All you have to do is provide one of the tools listed to the person you are promoting, we will take care of the rest.

LifeTime commissions

For all orders placed by the proposed Users, regardless of the Affiliate Level, the commissions will ALWAYS be paid, both for the first order and for subsequent ones.

Affiliate Levels are paid as follows:
LVL 1, 10%
LVL 2, 2.5%
LVL 3, 1.25%
And so to go to the ninth level.

Explanation of Affiliate Levels

The first level includes the direct contacts provided by the Affiliate which, in turn, can join the Affiliate Program and present new ones (Second Level), and so on ...

An example:
George presents his friend Jim as a new contact, Jim places an order for the first month for a total of 100 euros, George gets a commission of 10 euros the first month (10% of 100 euros).

In the second month, George introduces Anna who buys 30 euros of products. In turn, Jim proposes Luke who matures 50 euros of orders and makes another 100 euros of purchases in the second month. Jim will collect 5 euros and George 3 + 10 + 1.25 euros (10% on the First Level and 2.5% on the second) for a total of 14.25 euros.

And so on, FOREVER ...

LifeTime discount

Another exclusive advantage for members of the Affiliate Program.

For each new customer presented directly, you will get a 1% lifetime discount on all orders placed personally, up to a maximum of 5%.

One contact, 1% discount on your orders,
Two, 2%
Three, 3%
Four, 4%
Five or more, 5% discount forever !!!

General Terms of the Program

The affiliation program consists in establishing a collaboration relationship between Ciao Caffè srls based in the Zona Artigianale Borgo S.ta Maria 64025 Pineto (TE) - P.I. IT02007220672 and the Affiliate, or the legal entity registered in this Affiliate Program.

This collaboration relationship aims to create a mutual benefit for the parties involved and more precisely:

for Ciao Caffè srls: the acquisition of new customers
for the Affiliate: the gain deriving from purchases made by third parties on thanks to the work of the affiliate
Affiliate requirements and duties:
it can be indiscriminately a company or a private (adult)
must publish the links to the site using the Affiliate Link provided by Ciao Caffè srls or provide the Copuon.

Prohibitions of the affiliate:
Spamming is prohibited to the Affiliate, that is, sending commercial information via unsolicited email, which advertises the services of Ciao Caffè srls or which bears the link.
Registration is prohibited in order to obtain an additional discount, in the form of a credit for the Affiliate, on services whose beneficiary is the Affiliate itself (double registration).

Duties of Ciao Caffè srls:
payment of the portion eventually accrued by the Affiliate according to the criteria set out below
Affiliate Earnings:
The Affiliate displays one or more advertising banners and / or textual content containing links to Ciao Caffè srls. The visitor of the affiliate who clicks on the advertising banner or on the link reaches the Ciao Caffè srls website; if the user places an order or more orders, the affiliate accrues the commission consistently with the following conditions:

the visitor to the Affiliate's website has the browser set so that he can accept cookies
the visitor who placed the order pays what is due to Ciao Caffè srls
the visitor places the order from the same computer / mobile device with which he clicked on the Affiliate's banner
the visitor does not delete or manipulate cookies from his hard disk
the visitor is not already a client of Ciao Caffè srls
The amount of commissions can be automatically reduced if the buyer uses a discount promotional code. In this case the commission will be calculated (if in percentage) on the amount paid by the buyer net of the discount applied to his order.

If the buyer makes a partial reversal on which a percentage of commission is active to the Affiliate, his earnings will be recalculated on the basis of what has actually been consumed.

When the affiliate does NOT earn despite an order:
The purchaser of the service exercises the right of withdrawal according to the terms of the law
The buyer exercises any dispute or cancellation on the payment (chargeback) that generated the commission
The commission for the affiliate is equal to that indicated on the main page of the Affiliate Program, net of any setup / one-off costs and other ancillary services not covered by the Affiliate Program (eg: wire transfers).

At any time, both parties can withdraw from this agreement upon communication in email. The Affiliate will be entitled to the share accrued up to that date and still unpaid, if it has not yet been paid, and it being understood that the commission fee is valid and not generated fraudulently to artificially increase its earnings. In case of withdrawal, the fee will be accrued as soon as there is no longer any variable that could affect the payment.

Commission payment method:
Any commissions accrued by the Affiliate will be paid following the issue of the invoice if subject to a VAT number or the indication of personal data to fill in the withholding tax.

Ciao Caffè srls will check the accounts on a weekly basis and have sent the payment request through the specific function in the Ciao Caffè srls Customer Area. In the case of payment by bank transfer, the cost of 1 euro will be subtracted from the total credit of the Affiliate.
The minimum liquidable amount is 10 euros.

Ciao Caffè srls, reserves the right to make changes to the following Contract with simultaneous communication to the members by email.